Two less lonely people in the world 世上少了兩個寂寞的人Air SupplyI was down, my dreams were wearing thinWhen you're lost where do you beginMy heart 澎湖民宿always seemed to drift from day to dayLooking for the love that never came my wayThen you smiled and I reached out to youI could tell you were lonely tooOne 術後面膜look then it all began for you and meThe moment that we touched, I knew that there would be *Two less lonely people in the worldAnd it's gonna be fineOut 票貼of all the people in the worldI just can't believe you're mineIn my life where everything was wrongSomething finally went rightNow there's two 婚禮顧問less lonely people in the world tonight*Just to think, what I might have missedLooking back how did I existI've dreamed, still I never thought I'd 術後面膜come this farBut miracles come true, I know, 'cause here we are( * )Tonight I fell in love with youAnd all the things I never knewSeem to come to me 21世紀房屋仲介somehowBaby, love is here and now there's( * ) (中譯)我心低迷,夢想日漸稀薄當你迷失,將從何開始我的心總是茫然無依,日復一日尋找著從未到來的愛然後,你笑婚禮佈置了,我向你伸出手我看得出來你也寂寞就這一眼,一切都為你我而展開從我倆接觸的剎那起,我知道…… 世上少了兩個寂寞的人一切將平安順利在世上的每個人以外我不敢相信你已永慶房屋屬於我在我一生中,事事皆不如意終於有件好事發生今晚,世上又少了兩個寂寞的人只是在想,我也許錯過了什麼回想過去我是怎麼生存的我曾作夢,但從沒想過會有今天但我知道澎湖民宿奇蹟發生了,因為……今晚,我和你墜入了愛河我不知道的事情似乎都來到我面前寶貝,愛情就在這兒,現在…… 歌詞來源:安德森網站(西洋歌曲英漢對照房地產)
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